What will your campers cherish in 20 years?

Ugly Mugz hold more than drinks, they hold a lifetime of memories

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Average Trading Post Purchase Lifespan

Campers will spend money on almost anything at camp. Sometimes they really need that kit for a project or badge. Other times they just really want some candy. Ugly Mugz can give you a great way to connect with campers and send them home with a lifetime of memories, all in the same mug.

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3-5 Minutes

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5-7 Days

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It use to fit

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20+ Years

A mug is cool, but without brandz, it's just a mug

Adding a branding station to camp is an easy and engaging way to not only brand mugz, but to also connect with campers individually. It's also a great way to get the pulse on what's going on around camp.

P.S. We've heard commissioners love running branding stations.

A custom camp brand is free promotion for your camp.

Having a custom brand made for your camp or event is the perfect way to keep scouts talking about and promoting their experiences for years to come.

Countless stories happen around campfires with one scout asking about a brand. That's when the stories start to flow.

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