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The Ugly Mugz Story

A long time ago, at a camp far away from home, a young camper went to the trading post and purchased a plastic camp mug. The End.

Just Kidding! After buying this awesome mug, the staff branded it with a camp logo and the campsite’s symbol. The next year that same camper brought the mug back to camp and added another brand to the mug. This cycle continued for several years: staying in new camps, creating new memories, and collecting new brands. One night around a campfire, on a regular ol’ camping trip, a younger camper asked, "Hey, what are all those things on your cup?" Never one to shy away from storytelling, the now seasoned camper recounted the stories behind each of the brands. All of the memories from each camp were passed along: the homesickness, the first badge earned, the snake found in the showers! Pretty soon an hour had passed, and the younger campers knew they HAD to go to camp!

Scenarios like this play out, time and time again, all across the country. From the Florida Keys to the Rocky Mountains and on to the Pacific Trail, campers carry their memories on their Mugz like badges of honor. That is the reason we believe in carrying on the camp mug tradition. They hold more than drinks. Ugly Mugz hold a lifetime of memories.