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Spotlight: Camp Grady Spruce

Posted by Landon Aneshansley on

Spotlight: Camp Grady Spruce

Camp Grady Spruce

Camp Grady Spruce is a YMCA camp located on Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford, Texas. Camp Grady Spruce can be referred to as a “values camp” because they work to help every camper leave as a more honest, respectful, responsible and caring individual.

These values are taught through all of the activities that they offer around the camp. These activities include canoeing, archery, horse riding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and sports. Camp Grady Spruce has a specialized equestrian program, and they believe it is one of the best! Campers that enroll in this program are tested on their ability to work with a horse. They are then split into groups based on their ability level and are given individualized programs tailored to their experience.

Camp Grady Spruce is open year-round, and they have between 150-200 campers attending their camp per week. They employ 16-18 full-time staffers and 40-45 part time staffers during the summer.The age range for Camp Grady Spruce is 6-16 with a large portion of those campers being 10-13 years old. Camp Grady Spruce splits the younger campers into two groups and the older campers into two groups. These groups are called “Star Groups” and specialized programming is offered to each of them. The older campers can participate in the Teen Time program, which is tailored to the needs and preferences of this age group. Camp Grady Spruce provides each camper his or her own Ugly Mug, these mugs are branded with the Camp Grady Spruce logo and the logo of their Star Group.

During the school year, Camp Grady Spruce offers an outdoor education program with an additional 18 dedicated staffers. They believe that it is important for an individual to interact with the environment on a daily basis and their outdoor education curriculum reflects this. This program offers classes over geology, forestry, and land conservation that take place during hikes! They also rent out their property so that other organizations can have a place to meet.

Camp Grady Spruce teaches the values of honesty, compassion, and respect through interaction with the outdoors. One of the missions of Ugly Mugz is to get more kids to the outdoors, and we believe that Camp Grady Spruce shares this mission. We encourage you to check out the amazing opportunities Camp Grady Spruce offers.

Thank you to Carolyn Cunningham, Camp Grady Spruce Marketing and Sales Director for giving Ugly Mugz the opportunity to spotlight Camp Grady Spruce!

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