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Getting in Shape for Summer Camp

Posted by Landon Aneshansley on

Getting in Shape for Summer Camp

MOAB Hikers

It’s almost time for summer, and you know what that means. . . summer camp! We here at Ugly Mugz would like for each of you to get the most out of your hiking, biking, and paddling this summer. That’s why we have put together this list of things you can do to help get in shape to make the most out of this summer!


Our body’s performance is a reflection of the things we eat. If you only eat junk food, you will only get junk performance! To make your summer camp experience as fun as possible, you should start eating healthy right away. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and drinking lots of water (out of your Ugly Mug) will make sure that your body has all of the fuel it needs to make summer camp as fun as it can be!


Following an exercise routine can ensure you are in shape, so that you can enjoy summer camp to its fullest potential. One of the best workouts you can do to get ready for summer camp is the shakedown hike. This is an “exercise” where you load up your backpack with all of the things you would need if you were going camping, and then you go on a short hike. This not only helps you get in shape, but it also allows you to break-in your gear and make any adjustments you need before getting away from home. The best part of the shakedown hike is that it gets you outdoors and enjoying nature.

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